I made my first steps in photography in 2006. I used one small camera to take photos of everything around me. Just like that the seed was planted and I took a 9-month beginners course on photographer. After that I was completley hooked. My first serious assignements were photographing concerts. As time went on I discovered my interest in buildings. Their shape, colors and details were the ones, that took my interest.

Now I mainly focus on architecture. My favourite part is photographing them during sunset as the colors of the sky add emotions to the photo. But it’s not only about corssing fingers and hoping for the nature to give right colors. It’s about chasing the right moment and being at the right place at the right time.



2015 “Ganja City Through The Eyes of European Youth” – Exhibition included photos from 14 photographers around Europe and was presented in Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine.


Clients include:
Marmel Kinnisvara
Brokerstreet OÜ
RUUKKI Roofs Estonia
Novarc Architectural Office
Republic of Estonia 100
Event Masters OÜ
Black Nights Film Festival (BNFF)
Jazzkaar Festival
Sanitex OÜ (PROMO Cash & Carry)
European Parliament Information Office


Contact me: liis@liisreiman.com / +372 56 833 069

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